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Qdokie has been a massive help for our family.

Qdokie has been a massive help for our family. We have a working household that is on the go all the time and the laundry always seems to be forgotten until it’s too late and we’re buried in dirty clothing. Qdokie has made things much easier for us now. I simply fill up the bins provided by Qdokie with clothing that can be washed and dried, set them on my porch on my designated day and before I know it (usually two days later), our clothes are back to us clean, fresh and folded. What a timesaver! Thank you, Qdokie. Steve E.

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The Lyric Cinemacafe of Fort collins co

The Lyric Cinema Cafe – Fort Collins, CO

The Lyric is what some would call a quaint twin theater. Funky, maze-like and unique. It started as an idea that two guys had and saw no reason not to pursue. Both from Fort Collins, both knew as little about opening a theater as anyone else in town, but recognized that if they didn’t open it, someone else would. If you look hard, you can actually see blood stains and indents in the walls from all the injuries these legendary men accrued during the construction of this theater. You can check them out online at:

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I Love Your Laundry Service!

I LOVE YOUR SERVICE! As a single Mom working two jobs, laundry is one of the last things I end up having time for (usually in the middle of the night). I appreciate how you check out the pants pockets (so my 9-year-old’s DS games don’t make it into the wash)! It’s always fun to see what treasures you might have found that come back to us in a plastic baggy! My clothes smell great. My towels are always fresh. The pick up and deliveries are always prompt. The reminders are a wonderful plus. In all – there isn’t one bad thing I can say about the service in all of the weeks you’ve been taking care of my family and me. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work! Tammy

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Papa’s Perfect Peanut Brittle

The problem today is that we have 22 hours less per week for family time. At Papa’s Perfect Peanut Brittle, they understand how important your family time is and they’re here to help. Papa’s Perfect Peanut Brittle offers hand-made brittles for the special people in your life. At Papa’s, they take the time to make your gifts personal just like you would AND they deliver them for you. Papa’s Perfect Peanut Brittle is also a wonderful treat to share during your own family time. Go ahead…indulge yourself!

Papa’s Perfect Peanut Brittle is a family-owned and operated company that is excited to share their family’s recipe that has been passed down over the past five generations. Papa’s handmade brittles include traditional peanut brittle as well as their signature brittle, Brittle Gone Nuts, that combines peanut, cashew and pecans into one yummy experience for your taste buds. Along with Papa’s friendly customer service.

Check Out Their Store Contact them directly at: Phone: (888) 733-1145 or Email: Angela @ Papa’s Perfect Peanut Brittle

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Cherry Lime Boutique – August Local Biz of the Month

Cherry Lime Boutique is a unique shopping experience. Their shop features products from a variety of different artisans, crafters and vendors. This is the place to go for original gifts of all sorts.
They are located at: 402 East Eisenhower in Loveland, Colorado (Just one block east of the Hwy 34 & Hwy 287 intersection)
Go to for more details.

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